Raja Laut (102ft) – 6pax

The name “Raja Laut” means “King of the Seas” in Malay, and was chosen in hommage to the Malay Archipelago – the history, the people, the cultures. “Raja”, itself a derivation of the hindustani for king, is an honorific title used in ancient times from Srivijaya to Malacca, Makassar to Ambon.

The type of vessel, the name, and the whole region really captured our imagination. Much thanks certainly goes to the writing of Joseph Conrad – and one can easily envision the schooner carrying adventurers and traders in his depictions of the exotic East.

There is also the portrait, in the Sarawak museum, of Sir James Brooke’s schooner “The Royalist”, which has a very similar design to Raja Laut and which young Brooke had purchased in England and then sailed across the world to explore what was then known as the Malay Archipelago.

Legend has it that on one of Lingards numerous voyages to Borneo he fought a large fleet of Bugis pirates (the most feared and skilled seafarers of the region), rescuing a surrounded Dutch man-of-war. His bravery on this occasion earned him the thanks of the King of Holland and he was made a Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

Locally, he acquired the unofficial title “Raja Laut” bestowed by the Sultan of Gunung Tabor, and was known by this sobriquet among the Malays.


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Name: Raja Laut
Type: Gaff rigged Topsail Schooner
Builder: G.E.K Carraz
Designer: Carraz / Bosgraaf
Year Built: 2005
Length overall: 31 meters
Length on Deck: 26 meters
Length waterline: 22 meters
Beam: 7.2 meters
Draft: 3.0 meters
GRT: 115 tons
Hull construction: Carvel planked on frame, through-bolted to internal stringers
Rig Designer: Bosgraaf, Amsterdam
Sail Area: 330 square meters
Interior finish: Varnished timber
Exterior finish: Cream grey hull, varnished deckhouses


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For navigators, explorers and nature lovers, Southeast Asia holds and allure matched by few other places on earth. The Raja Laut’s yacht charter routes in Southeast Asia offer up idyllic tropical islands, jungles, rivers, and an array of limitless adventures and experiences. Each area has it’s own characteristics and each lends it’s unique flavour to a tropical yacht charter vacation:

Thailand: Phuket – Similan – Koh Tarutao
Malaysia: Langkawi – Penang – Borneo
Myanmar: Mergui Archipelago
Indonesia: Bali – Komodo – Banda – Raja Ampat – Mentawai
India: Andaman & Nicobar
Maldives: Maldives
Singapore: Singapore
Philippines: Palawan – Coron – Busuanga – Tubbataha

A Raja Laut private yacht charter can take you through the islands of the Mergui Archipelago where natural wonders and wildlife are found in abundance, or into Thailand’s waters where stunning islands, cultural havens and historical sites are within easy access.

Wine and dine in style with the many flavours of the region brought together on your journey. Explore the region’s internationally renowned dive spots, from Similan islands of Thailand, to the vertical walls of Sipadan Malaysia, or the mega biodiverse hotspots around West Papua.

Cross the imaginary Wallace line to the Komodo National Park and beyond, where the flora and fauna of subtropical Asia make a sudden and dramatic change into those typical Australia. For those with craving for discovery the 17,000 islands of Indonesian Archipelago are yours to explore – however it may take some time!