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Types of Yacht Celebrations: Yacht Charter Singapore | White Label Charters

Celebrate occasions on a yacht with your guests and let them experience fun in a whole new way.

Everybody likes to celebrate various occasions in their life with much fun. Therefore, people keep looking for new ideas so as to celebrate a particular celebration. So, when you have such a party that you are throwing you would definitely want to have guests coming over. To provide the guests with much entertainment would be your sole concern. In such cases you can simply get in touch with the people who can help you celebrate your occasion with much pleasure. There are certain companies that offer their yachts for people to throw a reception or organize a party. You can check here for such services when you have such an occasion around the corner.

People celebrate a lot of things; from weddings to birthdays and many such celebrations. Now, all these celebrations are not complete without guests. So when you have guests coming over, you can surprise them by taking them out on a yacht. In this way you can keep them engaged and also provide a party that they will remember it for you. This is so because it is one of a kind experience to enjoy while you are in motion. You can find out more about these companies over here.

Sometimes it can be such that you would like to take that special someone out on a date or that you are thinking of proposing marriage to someone. You might, therefore, seek some peace when you are out with your special someone. These yachts can be an appropriate thing for the occasion as they not just keep you away from the crowd but also it brings about a whole new feeling when you are doing it on a yacht. It adds sophistication and grandeur to the occasion that your partner will cherish every time she recalls it. You can look here for the availability of such yachts at these companies.

Celebrating occasions doesn’t always have to be birthdays and wedding receptions. It could be a reunion as well where friends from your student or professional life could get together. In such cases, you can simply take your friends out on a yacht and give them a break from the usual celebrations at restaurants. Different celebrations call for different arrangements. Keeping such things in minds the companies, that provides yachts, keeps the yachts well equipped with various facilities that people can use when they are onboard. You can try here for similar services when you are in charge of throwing such a party.

Then again, you can use these yachts for a simple purpose as well when you would like to take your relatives out for sight seeing. You can let them have a whole new experience with the help of these yachts. So, for a change it is a good recreation that you can gift yourself and then can go back to your daily tasks all refreshed. There are numerous yachts available that you can avail to your discretion as per your requirement. You can get in touch with the service providers over the net at their website. is one such website that you can visit when you wish to hire a yacht for a particular purpose.


Maritime Community: Yacht Charter Singapore | White Label Charters

Maritime Community Embracing Singapore Green Plan.

Launched in 2002 by the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, the ‘Singapore Green Plan 2012’ (SGP 2012), is a ten-year blueprint which manages Singapore’s sustainability. This is done through environmental initiatives such as nature conservation, maintaining clean air and water quality. The aim of the SGP, is to ensure that the country’s natural resources and environment will not be compromised despite Singapore’s rapid development and growth. Having met most of its targets in 2012, the initiative has now been extended to 2030 for further sustainability strategies.

As part of SGP, the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore(MPA), has also introduced its own ‘Maritime Green Initiative’. Due to Singapore’s position as a premier global port and international maritime centre, MPA aims to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and related activities, by promoting clean and green shipping practises in Singapore. It also hopes to be able to create awareness in protecting Singapore’s coasts and waters in light of the development of the waterfront living projects and marinas opening to cater to an increasing clientele of private yacht owners.

Marinas like Keppel Bay for example, recognises this need for awareness and has come up with its own efforts to spread the message. It protects the marine life found in the marina’s waters by prohibiting fishing and conducting regular surveys on the corals that thrive there. It also discourages vessel owners from dumping their sewage into the sea by providing pump-out facilities. The marina also encourages its vessel owners to do likewise by practising its own green initiatives.

35-year-old Hans Imran, who manages 19 yachts at the marina is one such example. He runs White Label Charters, a company specialising in yacht charters for corporate and private events. His clients, are welcomed with a gift in the form of an environmental friendly beach blanket. Sourced from the Philippines, the ‘Lagu’ blanket repels sand, conserving the beach at the same time. Mr Imran explains, “a beachgoer displaces at least three handfuls of sand per day. This is the sand that gets stuck on you, your towels and beach mats. In the long term, that adds up to a lot and that is one of the causes of beach erosion. We try to create awareness on that through the Lagu blankets as sand does not stick to it.” The blankets, which are also available for purchase exclusively in Singapore from White Label Charters, have proven to be a hit.

The company also discourages clients on its yachts from littering into the sea. All rubbish collected on the duration of the sail is brought back onto land for proper disposal. His company also provides cups, plates and cutleries on board to discourage clients from bringing disposable ones. And in line with the marina’s efforts, White Label Charters also uses biodegradable soaps which do not pollute the sea or cause harm to marine life for the washing of their yachts. Mr Imran, who is passionate about the environment says, “the sea has given so much to us. So we should give back to it by creating awareness to the damage that people are causing to it.”

His company also arranges trips to places like Lazarus island on the Southern side of Singapore which has clearer waters and is filled with marine life. By doing this, he hopes to make others realise that Singapore is indeed rich with nature and that there is a pressing need to protect it before it is too late. “At the end of the day, it does have an effect on the country’s sustainability. Not many Singaporeans realise that.”

He goes on to say, “because eco-tourism is unheard of in Singapore, the most I can do is to create awareness and spread that message through my work as much as I can.”  And Mr Imran is glad to know that places like Keppel Bay marina are encouraging and providing avenues for sea goers like him to practise their own green efforts.

Written by Ms Zuraidah- Junai Banafe

8th March 2013