About Us

Yacht Charter and Boat Rental in Singapore with White Label Charters.

If you are seeking a yacht charter events company in Singapore which stands out from the rest, look no further. About us at White Label Charters, we provide unique event-on-a-yacht and yacht chartering services to our valued clients. Established in 2010 by Mr. Hans Imran – who is passionate about providing clients with a specialised as well as an exclusive alternative for entertaining large gatherings or corporate clientele.

You can count on us at White Label Charters for a host of different services, which include wedding and solemnisation, catering and party decoration services, corporate events and product launching, yacht management, brokerage, and more. You name it and we have it!

What’s more, White Label Charters provides rates equivalent to those provided by our partners, with no hidden costs or extra commission charges whatsoever.

We offer excellent service in our unique fleet of charter yachts:

We pride ourselves on excellent service. Onboard our yachts, you and your party are our only guests. This allows us to provide highly customized service, as we can focus 100 percent of our attention on making your event unforgettable to you and your guests. We take care of the catering and decoration, and we will find you the perfect yacht for rent in Singapore.

Spend quality time with friends, family and/or associates:

Our charter boats provide a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy the company of friends and family, or entertain important business associates.

Enjoy the privacy only yachts can provide:

Crowded bars, hotel ballrooms, and lounges can be a hassle. Forget about uninvited guests. Our yacht rentals will give your event unrivaled exclusivity.

It’s easy to rent a yacht in Singapore:

Yacht rental in Singapore has never been easier. With White Label Charters, boat rentals are a breeze. Simply contact us and we will make your next event truly special.

Get away from distractions:

There are no outside distractions on board a yacht. Our event company handles all the details, allowing you to focus your attention on your guests.

Yachts provide the ultimate in luxury and prestige:

With White Label Charters, you can have a private yacht available to you when you need it. Your guests will experience unparalleled luxury. White Label yacht charters can make your next event an unforgettable experience. Let us take you and your guests out to sea in one of our luxury yachts.

Our Mission

Deliver an unsurpassable cruise experience via thoroughly professional and customer-oriented services.

Our Vision

To bring about awareness and teach society as well as the newer generations about Marine Biodiversity and eco-surroundings, via the Marine Educational Cruise.

Our Goals

We at White Label Charters aim to gain recognition as one of the most renowned Leisure Cruises worldwide.